Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There. Are. Four. Takes. - Patrick Stewart Demonstrates

No words.

Actually, a lot of words. Patrick Stewart's girlfriend on the random filming? (vertical mistake too) feet? Stewart gets ladies by teaching 'masterclasses'? He really is at the top of his game/living life these days isn't he?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In A World... If that doesn't say Movie Trailer to you...

Andrew stumbled upon this trailer for some sort of indie type film about a girl trying to break into the movie trailer voiceover business.  Thought the title was pretty good. First thing you think of when you hear 'In A World...' right?

Lake Bell girl reminds of kid from Moonshine Kingdom...I mean, Moonrise Kingdom- Kara Hayward but grown up.

Anyways, speaking of movie trailer voices..and movie trailers about movie trailer voices.  The classic Jerry Seinfeld 'Comedian' movie one is worth a rewatch:

And if you're really feeling that vibe, here's the king Don LaFontaine (RIP) talking about the biz: