Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness History Made in Lego Stopmotion

I assume March Madness is coming to an end this weekend (in Apri?).  Not too many must be following it right now since everyone's bracket was most likely obliterated with recent upsets and low seeded breakthroughs.  According to ESPN Research, of the 5.9 MILLION people who signed up and filled out brackets on the ESPN website, ONLY TWO got the Final Four correct.

So now it's time to sit back and have some fun, and maybe catch the final which will either be a blowout or a classic.  Start by reliving some March Madness memories, ...done with LEGO,... in stopmotion.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Star Wars Growth Chart

 As your child grows, its fun to track their development on a growth chart. Kids love to see the progress they’ve made from one year to the next and this chart, found on a tumblr blog, is better than most. You can track your child’s growth from tribble to dark lord (or somewhere in between). The chart encompasses four franchises that are important in a geek’s growth and also provides perspective on the size of some of the characters. Best of all, the growth chart, which is seven feet of awesomeness, can be downloaded for free here.


So doing this!    Totally replacing the pencil marks on the kitchen doorframe!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Eee Pad Story - Asus Big Bang Theory Rip

Have to watch this to believe it.  And you thought The Theorists was wacky?

"Edward, Eddie, Elbert, and Paddy".  Marketing insanity.  The risk on doing something like this seems large - do they only subscribe to a 'any press is good press' mantra?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Okay, so it's TOS and not TNG. Suck it Trebek.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can you spot all the nerdy villains?

Reagan RayGun OS 9-11 - The Daily Show Republican Supercomputer

As part of The Daily Show's slowly ramping up Election 2012 coverage - Indecision 2012 ... (600 days away? haha) -- Jon Stewart sat down with a potential Republican presidential candidate option: an IBM Watson inspired supercomputer called the RayGun OS 9-11.

What's that? It's not RayGun, it's REAGAN?  Ohhh... I, and many others, heard RAYGUN when the episode aired, and that worked just as well. haha

Either way, here it is:
"grew up the son of  a poor adding machine whose grandfather fought in Y2K"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Early In Their IMDBs: Sarah Jessica Parker was in Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator - awesome 80s Disney sci-fi movie - had Sarah Jessica Parker in it! The cute nurse!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carolyn McAdams in Flight of the Navigator
That's right, early in her career, as she started to skyrocket to stardom with a bunch of mid-80s movie roles, one we might forget is the role of Carolyn McAdams in FOTN.  She was the intern (nurse? whatever), at the crazy NASA facility that befriends the main kid character, David.  Anyways, point is, SJP was in this cult classic in those early days, and it even had Pee-Wee Herman in it (Paul Ruebens voiced the alien/ship under a screen name "Paul Mall"!)

More Pics:
Hi, I'm Carolyn McAdams
"yeah, I went to a concert with
some friends last night...,
{Who'd you see?}...
Twisted Sister."
--SJP rocks some '86 style

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Double Egg: The Fugitive Seinfeld Comeback

Remember the bad doctor character from The Fugitive? Dr. Charles Nichols?  Now, recall the Seinfeld episode ("The Comeback") where Jerry plays tennis against a eastern european pro shop owner who sucks at tennis - guy called Miloš?  Are they the same guy?
Random lookalike question of the week, very random. You be the judge.  I'm not really seeing it, but I love both The Fugitive and Seinfeld, so here we go.

Actually: Left:The Fugitive's Charles Nichols Jeroen Krabbé and Right:Miloš Seinfeld Mark Harelik
Mark Harelik
(Miloš from Seinfeld)
Jeroen Krabbé
(Charles Nichols
The Fugitive)
Here's a pic of Miloš from the Seinfeld ep