Friday, February 27, 2009

Words cannot describe the audio in this video

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aggressive Aggregator - Dig Deeper

Okay, I have this crazy idea! Let's combine all the stuff we find online and want to share with each other in one easy-to-manage place! Cheese-ville! Since it's *my* idea, I'm going to be the boss.

Now, all we have to do when we find something funny is put it on a third-party site. Then, we don't visit that site. THAT'S THE IMPORTANT PART! Don't EVER visit that site!

Next, we come here, where we have the content from the *other* site (NO! DON'T GO THERE!)

Then we can all see the things online we want to share with each other. Maybe we can keep all our bookmarks here, too! Everything we all want to keep, that just sounds Delicious!

So let's re-cap:
  • visit "funny" site
  • post to the site you're never ever going to visit, even though you recommend it to everyone, you just never get around to going there yourself to see what your friends have posted, so now they're back to messaging you, even when they're on the phone, and the phones are working
  • visit Cheeseland, again never visiting blah blah blah
  • Tell everyone phones are perfect and we're all crazy. Sssshhh!

Data recovery on 24

Jack Bauer: It appears to be some sort of media device! I've never seen anything like it! We're going to need to get the data off this as soon as possible! Let me do a google search for data recovery!
(performs a search on his blackberry and scrolls to the page 5)
JB: I've found a company who's local in Washington, DC. Let me call them! (dials number) Hello?!
Dude on the Phone: Thank ... you ... for ... calling -
JB: I don't have time for this! I need data recovery off this media device right now!
DP: - data ... recovery ... how ... can ... I ... help ... you?
JB: Listen! I have this unknown media device and I absolutely need the data from it!
DP: we ... can ... perform ... a ... com-plete ... evaluation ... on the unit ... within ... 4 ... to ... 6 hours -
JB: FOUR TO SIX HOURS?! This is a matter of national security!
DP: well ... we ... have ... a ... fast ... track ... service ... whereby ... we ... can ... expedite -
DP: ... at ... a ... nominal ... fee ... of $350
JB: oh damn, how much? ok, where is your office?
DP: we ... are ... located ... at -
JB: Hold up! You aren't even in the Washington area! WTF? Nevermind, I'm sending a chopper over to deliver it.
(gives SD card to pilot who takes off for New York)
DP: - just ... north ... of ... Manhattan ... the ... zip ... code ... is -
JB: Hold on, I have another call Yes, madam president, yes we're working on recoverying the data as we speak. We should know within a few hours - ... yes, ma'am they do know it's a matter of national security. I - I - yes, - I know ma'am. Well it's $350 for the rush - yes, I know, unfortunately we don't have time to drive around the city looking for cheaper quotes. Hopefully you'll be able to get congress to approve the - yes, ma'am.
DP: - if ... you ... just ... turn ... left ... at ... the ... hooters ... you ... should ... be ... able ... to ... see ... our ... building ... thank ... you ... for ... calling ... have .......... a ........... nice .......... day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Sheila, get me the plans to the Death Star."

Nerd Alert!
Lemme know if you wanna buy them off of me.

"Let's build this reactor!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Even criminals are watching "24"

Does an actual "CIP" device exist? I'm sure they all gather around the tv on monday nights while Dr. Evil asks "What should we do today?" Then 24 comes on and Will Ferrell gets an idea. Let's hack the FAA network and crash some planes. Guess having personal employee data will just have to do.

"The Federal Aviation Administration has joined the growing list of government agencies that have had their supposedly safe systems hacked. The agency this week notified about 45,000 employees that one of its servers was hacked into and employee personal identity information was stolen.

The FAA was quick to say the server that was accessed was not connected to the operation of the air traffic control system or any other FAA operational system. It did say two of the 48 files on the breached computer server contained personal information about more than 45,000 FAA employees and retirees who were on the FAA's rolls as of the first week of February 2006" (link)

Dragonball Evolution totally ripped off Heroes

Checkout the trailer.

Notice anything familiar at the beginning? Say perhaps an eclipse? Lame.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our favourite "Diane's"

Diane Lane
Diane Keaton
Diana Ross
Princess Diana
Diana Krall
Diane Chambers (tv show Cheers)
Diane Kruger.
Diane Wiest

(updated 5 Feb 2013!)